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The CHRISTALine Hair Goods product line includes high-quality virgin raw hair goods and ready-to-wear wigs, toupees, and facial hair.  A minimum of 20% of the proceeds from each CHRISTALine Hair Goods purchase helps support WIGwell's creation of custom-crafted medical wigs for individuals facing medically related hair loss.

If you have a special need for a wig or virgin raw hair that is not included below, please contact us.

Most Ready-To-Wear wigs are available in both

Fully Hand-tied and Lace front.

Fully Handtied Wig: Every hair is tied to the stretch foundation.
Lace Front Wig: Front hairline and part is tied to the stretch foundation. The back stretch foundation is wefted.
Customization: Wigs are available with color-adjusted roots (light, medium, dark), textured roots, and customized hairlines. Contact us for customized order requests. 

Ready-to-Wear Wigs

Virgin Raw Hair