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Here are some resources to help you make your wig last.

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WIGwell Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a WIGwell medical wig cost?

The WIGwell Wellness Experience (including consultations, temporary wig, and final custom wig) costs $5000, but we strive to cover that cost through a combination of proceeds from our CHRISTALine Studios hair products and services and through monetary and hair donations. The desired cost to a WIGwell client is nothing! The heart of our mission at CHRISTALine Studios is ensuring that women facing medically related hair loss can receive high-quality custom wigs at no charge to them. 

How does the WIGwell Wellness Experience work (additional document below)?

The process of building a custom WIGwell medical wig takes 5 weeks. There will be at least two in-person consultations requiring the client to travel to our wig studio in historic downtown Winston-Salem at 537A North Trade Street. Steps in the process include:

  • Phase 1:  Initial Consultation. We listen to the client’s needs. Wig design begins.

  • Phase 2:  Hair. We integrate the client’s hair into the wig build if desired.

  • Phase 3:  Temporary Wig. Each client can choose to receive a temporary wig during the build of her custom wig.

  • Phase 4:  Wig Education. We teach the client how to wash and restyle a wig.

  • Phase 5:  Final Consultation. This includes foundation fitting and cutting and styling the final wig as needed. The client receives her custom WIGwell wig!

How long does each consultation visit take?

Both the initial consultation and the final consultation take about two (2) hours.

Can I donate my own hair to the build of my custom WIGwell wig?

Absolutely! You can also bring hair donated by your loved ones and friends. Here are instructions on how to donate hair.

Can I pay for part of my custom WIGwell wig?

It is our desire for all WIGwell wigs are offered at no charge to our clients. You are welcome to Sponsor a Client to WIGwell to help make these custom wigs available to other patients!  Depending on available sponsored wigs, fees may apply.

How do you select who will receive a WIGwell medical wig?

All applicants must complete the WIGwell Medical Wig Questionnaire. We thoroughly review this document to make decisions on all recipients. You may request a particular client if you choose.

If selected, I will have to travel a long distance to Winston-Salem for consultations. Are travel expenses or lodging included in the WIGwell experience?

Unfortunately, we do not cover any costs associated with travel to receive a custom WIGwell medical wig. Our resources and efforts are focused on making these high-quality wigs available to deserving patients free of charge. Please note, we can arrange for virtual consultations if you have a family member or friend who is willing to help with fitting on your end.

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How Has Covid-19 Effected

CHRISTALine Studios Interaction?

It is CHRISTALine Studios' mission to continue providing Wig Services through creative means. Christal has developed a virtual system for Wig Consultations and has been able to continue providing hyper-realistic custom & non-custom wigs. 

Be SAFE and know that in-person requests will be granted when appropriate.

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