Join the Wig Maintenance MAIL  Program

Are you having issues with the fit of your wig, is your wig needing a root tone or does your lace need to be matched to your skin tone? These are all things we can help with.  Even if your wig just needs a good wash & deep conditioning with a fresh restyle, we have you covered!

Brown Hair

Premium Wig Monthly Maintenance Program                   $150 monthly

        -any repairs - hand-tied fill-ins - washing - deep conditioning - restyling

Standard Wig Monthly Maintenance Program               $100 monthly

       -foundation repairs - washing - deep conditioning - restyle

Wig Wash Monthly Maintenance Program                      $85 monthly

      -washing - deep conditioning - restyle 


Wig Wash Wednesdays Program                                      $100 per service

      -foundation repairs - washing - deep conditioning - restyle

Wig Repair Services                                                            $150 or by quote

~Have you ever felt like you just need a monthly refresh of your wig?     ~Are you having troubles caring for it so it lasts?        It might be time for Christal and her team of wig builders do any repairs or hand-tied fill-ins on your wig, give it a good washing, deep conditioning & restyle it for you.    

Currently all Consultations will be held Virtually due to Covid-19

Purchase a Wig Service and I will be in touch for details

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